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What is this flashposting lark anyway?

You might have noticed that I've been posting some mini posts lately under the title of 'flashpost'.  You might also be wondering what it's all about.

And of course, you might not!  But if you are vaguely interested, I thought I'd explain...

It's a little challenge that I've decided to set myself for this year and it's about focussing a little more on my blog and a little less on Instagram.

It came about after I found myself moaning and grumbling more and more about Instagram.  You know this tale I'm sure... first they messed with the timeline, then they started to hide posts of the people I follow, then all the ads came along, and so on and so on.  With each new change that Facebook have made, I've found the Instagram experience is eroded a little bit more.

And yet, so far, I stay.  I keep moaning, but keep posting.

This is about me finding a way to redress that.

Instagram is instant, easy and you can do it anywhere.  That's the attractio…

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